New Energy LEDiL Optics Kit (NELOK)


The New Energy LEDiL Optics Kit (NELOK) is designed to allow lighting professionals, product designers, and lighting
enthusiasts to explore LEDiL’s expansive line of single-lens solutions that can be used in conjunction
with individual LEDs.  This kit consists of a single LED mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB) and
attached to a heatsink.  The PCB is manufactured with a series of precisely placed holes that
correspond to the mounting pins of all the members of LEDiL’s single-lens products.  When
aligned pins-to-holes, this assembly guarantees the proper alignment of the lens to the LED for maximal
optical efficiency.  Accompanying the LED/PCB/heatsink are 15 lenses, three each from five lens
families.  Users of this kit will be able to explore the many secondary optical distributions
available to them through LEDiLs precision molded lens assemblies.

V1 of the kit features a Cree LED XP-G3 S-Line at 4000K CCT, 70 CRI, and lenses from the TINA,
TINA2, LEILA, G2-LXP2 and LISA3 product families.  The NELOK1-C32—1-00 is available directly
from New Energy and through New Energy’s distribution partners.

What’s Included

The kit contains the heatsink/PCB/LED assembly, a 12” wire harness, 15 LEDiL lenses each packed in a labeled bag, and a product summary card.

The red-black wire harness is stored in a small cavity underneath the heatsink-circuit board assembly. The individual optics are packed in plastic bags. The bottom of the optics typically has an adhesive film, designed as an aid for permanent installation of the optic. In order to experiment with all the lenses in this kit, we recommend affixing the lenses with the lightest possible pressure.

Using the Kit

Connect the wire harness to the PCB, pushing one of the tinned ends of the harness into each of the poke-in wire connectors. The LED requires a 3V DC power supply. The LED will light up with the delivery of 15 mA of current. The max current rating for the XP-G3 S-Line is 1500 mA. The PCB has pin holes to support the placement of every lens family in the LEDiL product line, which might be confusing. Diagram B above shows the pin holes and their corresponding lens families. The pin holes for all the LEDiL optics in this kit are 2 mm holes at 8.6 mm center-to-center.


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